One of the best recipes for any business to be successful in setting up a healthy customer relationship. The kind of communication you forge with them goes a long way in Improving your Sales and consequently your business. It is due to this reason that the marketing of different forms, both traditional and orthodox, has gained a lot of popularity these days. There is so much competition all around that this becomes an important parameter to lead the race in the market. 2 Way SMS service is one new and important method of communicating with your customers. If you are wondering what is 2 Way SMS service, this article might give you a clear perspective about it.

How does it work?

As a business organization, you must have set up a channel of communication with your buyers, clients, customers, partners, and colleagues. SMS service is still perceived to be one of the most effective forms of virtual dialogue. In 2 Way SMS service, you can send a message to someone and ask for a reply in the form of a code, like a number or a letter, and generate a reply according to it. Thus, you can be in contact with other parties at all times without actually engaging in a fluent conversation with them. It is a form of communication itself that mainly takes place with the help of the configuration of APIs using a web platform.

What are the features of the 2 Way SMS service?

Now that you know what is 2 Way SMS service, the next big question is what are the features that set it apart from other means of communication and how can a business benefit from it. The features are as follows-

  • Run multiple campaigns

Since you will not be in direct contact with the customer as such and will communicate through coded messages, you can run multiple campaigns at once, with a single client. It prevents further complications and is an efficient method of running a campaign.

  • Make use of Auto responders

The autoresponder can be set in such a way that it detects keywords and codes and responds in a dynamic and engaging manner. The APIs have the ability to control all the responses in the best manner.

  • Have a multilingual support facility

When you send the messages, you can send it in a number of languages. It is important that you have multilingual support so that you can reach out to more people at once. For example, for a 2 Way SMS Service In UAE, you have to set up Arabic messages to communicate efficiently.

  • Concatenation of SMSs

No one likes limitations in communication. It has the potential of being restrictive. Therefore, 2 Way SMS removes the concatenation of 160 words with its users so that they can respond the way they want.

  • Easy tracking of SMS

It is important to be aware of the messages that are being sent and received from a potential customer. Only then can the reply be of engaging nature. If you search for the Best SMS Gateway Provider Dubai, UAE, you will notice that they are so successful because of their efficient tracking system as such.

  • The option of opting in and out

Forced communication is not encouraged. It gives the customer to opt-out of receiving these messages or notifications.


Benefits of 2 Way SMS service

  • The setting up of communication anywhere globally becomes relatively easy. In case you want to communicate with someone in Dubai, you just have to look for a 2 Way SMS service in the UAE.
  • The impact that has is immediate and measurable.
  • The cost of running the administrative part of the application will reduce.
  • The feedback is also instant and you can scale the success of it effortlessly.

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2 Way SMS service has become extremely popular these days. Looking for The Best SMS Gateway Provider in Dubai, UAE is just a few clicks away. Most of the business organizations are opting for it and rightly so.

By Jenny Johns

Working in SMS & Telecommunication industry as a Technology Consultant.

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