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Google Make Changes To Increase Transparency for Publishers


More Ads transparency – Delight to the Publishers Few years back, AdSense is started with the motive of providing a chance to the publisher to earn money online through the content that they published on their website. Adsense being the first publisher platform offers the fair chance to all the publishers. …

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Android Application Development – The entire process explained

android application development

Requirement gathering, analyses, and thorough research Before the company begins with the design and development of the android application, a thorough research, and information gathering is performed in order to decide a foolproof plan. This stage usually answers the following W’s. Who What Where Why When Where For example, who …

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Android Application – A successful approach

android app development trends in 2016

  ANDROID IN 2016  With 2,542,108 applications in the year 2016, android applications stand quite out with a heavy number of users. Amidst this plethora of android applications, a mere 13% ratio is believed to be of low quality. Therefore, it is quite evident that the usage, preferences, and competition are …

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History of Android app and its benefits in today’s business

android logo

“Just another start-up,” many would have called it. However, Andy Rubin and Steve Perlman believed in Android to be more than just a start-up. They were right. Android was to be global software that would power 87% of all smartphones around the world. Andy Rubin’s Android OS has currently made …

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