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SEMrush – Guidance for choosing right one

 SEMrush Pricing Plans for You

 Pro Vs Guru Vs Business                   

If you are new in the blogging world, and looking for good income from blogging business, then you must invest some money. Here is some great suggestion for this blogging business.

If you really want to make a handsome amount from this blogging then you must give your 100% efforts. If you will invest money on your blog like a business, then you will definitely gets the best and the finest results.

The main factor behind building any profitable blog is none other than website traffic. Without this traffic, you can’t make money online.

It should only be search engine traffic, which will give you fruitful result. For the increasing your income from the blogs, you must get more traffic from the Google.

If you really want to invest money on SEO, then I would love to suggest you: SEMrush. It has now number 1 SEO tool which is used by so many people in all over the online world.


Now you must be thinking what SEMrush can offer you? How much it will cost? SEMrush Pro Vs Guru Vs Business 

  1. SEMrush Pro

This is the first plan from SEMrush. If you have a limited budget and having a blog or website, then this is a suitable plan for you.

It will cost you approximately $99.95 per month and you can do the analysis of keyword research to site audit of your competitor.

Exclusionary accord: we are offering some SEMrush Pro account completely free for limited time period of 30 days for our bloghashtag readers. You can freely enjoy this service for 1 month. You just need to click    TRY IT FOR FREE    and grab this facility. If you really looking for the best chance to try this SEMrush for free.

Why to have this SEMrush?

With this SEMrush Pro account, you will obtain so many things which are as follow.

  • Conclusion as per report: 10,000
  • Conclusion as per day: 3000
  • Activities : 5
  • Access to record: 500
  • Folio to drag: 100,000
  • Social publishing figures: 50
  • Expected PDF reports: 5

It will cost you approximately $99.95 per month.

With our SEMrush pro account, you can have the following features.

  • Keyword analysis
  • Biological analysis
  • Displaying analysis
  • Back link search
  • Assessment influx of any site
  • Broadcast advertising analysis
  • Audit crisis of keywords
  • Realm to realm contrast
  • Path of any access position
  • Location check

But with our SEMrush pro account you cannot access our “historical data”.  Now let’s have a look on SEMrush guru account.

If you are really thinking about the SEMrush look then we will also let you know about it.

It show you everything like Domain Analytics, position tracking , site audit, SEO ideas, brand monitoring, notes, social media tools and backlink audit.


You can see that, SEMrush displays all the details and information from domain analysis to back link audit to overall visibility of website through search engines.

You can even see so many other details on the side bar to know what else you can do with this. It has information like domain analytics which includes overview, Organic research, Back link, advertising research,  PLA research, video advertising, display advertising, traffic analytics, entire menu, ranks, domain vs. domain and charts.  It also includes keyword analytics, projects, content tools and lead generation tools.


SEMrush has so many tools to access and have so many features which will make your website a search engine traffic website with lots of sales.

So this is the time to take a contingent and see the best results.

  1. SEMrush Guru

With this SEMrush guru account, you can access our SEMrush pro account as well as our historical data account which has so almost 11 databases dating back to January 2012.

If you are looking for the information from 2012 to get better SEO data and will help the clients, then this is the best plan for you.

Why to go with this SEMrush Guru plan?

With this account, you will get so many things like as follow:

  • Conclusion as per report: 30,000
  • Conclusion as per day: 5000
  • Activities : 50
  • Access to record: 1500
  • Folio to drag: 300,000
  • Social publishing figures: 100
  • Expected PDF reports: 20
  • Branded PDF reports
  • Historical data

It will cost you approximately $199.95 per month.

Even with this SEMrush guru account, you can have these features also.

  1. Each and every feature of SEMrush Pro account.
  2. Historical data with the files from the beginning of 2012.

Difference between SEMrush Pro and Guru

The first difference is of historical data which allows seeing the past of every data for any type of query you enter in SEMrush. In Pro level account you can only go to live data or to the updated information on the query you entered.

Absolute deal: with this SEMrush guru account, you can easily get 14 days free trial package. By using this for 2 weeks, you will see the fruitful result and if you are not satisfied, then you can easily cancel your account.

Abrupt sign: by using our link   TRY IT FOR FREE  you can easily access our free account for 14 days to SEMrush guru account and this is only available for our Bloghashtag readers. SEMrush generally don’t give free trial accounts, so it is time to avail the best opportunity which is available for you.

  1. SEMrush Business

With our SEMrush business account, you will get so many features from your SEMrush guru plan and some other features which are also very important like multi-users management, access to product listing ads and even bigger data.

This is one of the best and the finest for small businesses, with SEO experts and agencies. You can even easily access big data like 6000 keywords to track over thousands to million pages to drag and so many other gears which will give you best results and you can manage bigger SEO needs.

Why to choose this SEMrush Business?

You can easily get the following things with SEMrush Business account.

  • Conclusion as per report: 50,000
  • Conclusion as per day: 10,000
  • Activities : unlimited
  • Access to record: 6000
  • Folio to drag: 1,200,000
  • Social publishing figures: 300
  • Expected PDF reports: 50
  • Branded PDF reports
  • Historical data
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Multi-user management

 Agile tone: our Guru & Business Historical data has approximately 11 databases dating back at least up to January 2012, and about 15 new regional databases dating from December 2013 forward which will cost you approximately $399.95 on monthly basis.

Following features are as:

  1. All the features of SEMrush Pro account
  2. Historical data files from the 2012
  3. Product listing advertisement
  4. Multi-user management

It has a perfect pricing plan for SEO agencies, which has an expert SEO to manage their needs.

Product listing advertisements

Only our SEMrush business account has the approach to the product listing ads. And if you really want to know then I will explain you all the details.

Product listing advertisement are those types of ads which companies pay to Google for displaying their “product ads” on the time of search.


Product Listing Ads

If you will search any particular product on the Google then it will show you all sponsored ads for specific products. It is known as product listing ads.

This is generally used to generate more sales and traffic for your own business. Like if we take a example, if we are running a shopping sites and promoting different products, in that case you can use those products listing ads keywords to increase your revenue from the websites. You can add so many valuable information to your website, for generating so many sales.

Which SEMrush Plan should we opt?

With our above information and details, you can easily choose the best plan for your SEO needs.

If still you are not able to understand then I would suggest the SEMrush Pro plan which is best for the beginning. This is the best and the cheapest plan for improving your search engine traffic and sales.

If you are already having an SEO agency with lots of SEO clients, then you must go with our SEMrush guru account, which has also an access to historical data.

SEMrush business plan is good for the big SEO budget. You can even involve you team mates for the SEMrush data and also with the product listing ads which will give you a profitable revenue and even with the profitable keyword information.

How we can start with SEMrush?

There are simple steps for starting this SEMrush pro account.

Step 1.  For that you have to use our link that is start using your SEMrush membership. Our special facility of bloghashtag is applicable which will show you to pay no amount.

Step 2: you have to enter all the details on the payment page and then you can access our SEMrush pro account for FREE. If you are not satisfied then you can cancel your account anytime and from anywhere.

Here are some questions you might be thinking of.

Does any policy for refund?

You will definitely get 7 day money back guarantee. For that you have to contact our supporting staff or you can send us an email on our email id.

Can I change my plan whenever I want?

Yes, you can change your plan anytime. For that you need to cancel you current subscription and go for new order. Just contact our support staff and rest is there duty.

Any offers and discounts

For our free offers and discounts, you can go to our exclusive link. You can enjoy our free account for 30 days and even you can cancel them in give time period, if you are not satisfied.

You can have at least 10 requests in SEMrush in one day with our free account. You can easily upgrade your account.

Any discounts on plans

For that you have to decide the plan and you have to go with annual charges as it will be helpful in saving money up to approximately $900 per annual.

Should I try this?

There are so many people who are giving trial to this SEMrush. You can even join this with our free trial pack.

Final submission about SEMrush Pro Vs Guru Vs Business

If you really want a best and the finest SEO tool for finding the best keywords, even for increment in search of traffic, building great backlinks and perform competitor’s research then you are on the right path of  SEMrush. So according to me, SEMrush is the best choice among all.


Ease of use


If you really want a best and the finest SEO tool for finding the best keywords, even for increment in search of traffic, building great backlinks and perform competitor’s research then you are on the right path of  SEMrush. So according to me, SEMrush is the best choice among all.

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