Are you thinking of integrating SMS into your current marketing strategy? If you have answered yes, look no further, this article is perfect for you. SMS service in Dubai instantly increases customer reach and is one of the most effective marketing strategies used by business owners worldwide. From the moment you press “Send” until your subscriber receives the text, the average time for sending Bulk Messages is less than 7 seconds.

SMS Marketing For Hospitality Dubai

Why SMS service in the hospitality business?

Examples of SMS campaigns for hospitality in Dubai are popping up every day. Using SMS Services in  UAE you can send a text message directly to your customers’ pocket, and with an SMS opening rate of 98%, you can almost guarantee that all messages will be read (90% of those messages are read in three minutes). Not many marketing channels can handle those kinds of statistics. There are numerous ways that Restaurants Can Use SMS Service Provider in UAE to boost their online presence, and below we have added some of the main ways that SMS marketing for restaurants can be used:

  • Use an SMS campaign that includes special offers
  • Remind customers that they have their reservation
  • Use shortcode SMS service for contests
  • An SMS loyalty program allows the customer to send a text message to make a reservation
  • Use SMS Service Dubai to get customer feedback

These are just a few of the ways restaurants are already using SMS Service Provider In Dubai, UAE , to ensure their customers stay happy and keep coming back.

Advantages of SMS Marketing –

Bulk SMS marketing or shortcode SMS service is instant, effective, and inexpensive, but that’s not all. The advantages are endless for companies. Besides using some of the best SMS marketing software, here are five of your hospitality business’s best SMS marketing strategies.

Advantages of SMS Marketing Dubai
  • Flexible platform: An SMS marketing API gateway enables businesses to send bulk SMS to thousands of subscribers at once, by merely syncing their contact list.
  • Specific Scope: SMS marketing offers businesses the best opportunity to reach their target audience directly and directly increase business opportunities.
  • High conversion rate: An SMS takes less than a minute to read. It’s exceptionally good at converting skeptics into subscribers, regardless of the type of promotion or event.
  • High open rate: Because SMS is faster to read, a subscriber may find it more convenient to read text than an email that is often left unattended in their inbox.
  • Profitable: Unlike other marketing strategies, users don’t have to worry about going over budget while marketing. In any case, the SMS Service Provider in UAE is cheaper to use than any other marketing strategy.
SMS Marketing traffic UAE

Now that you know the benefits of including an SMS campaign as a part of your hospitality marketing strategy, you must also remember not to hire a cheap service provider. Hire only the best and affordable SMS Service Provider in Dubai, UAE, in 2020. Hiring a reputed company has several benefits: on-time assistance, design strategy according to your demand, better knowledge of market and trends, custom budget, etc.

SMS Marketing: How to Collect Opt-In Phone Numbers

The first step of success to SMS Marketing in UAE collect Opt-In phone numbers from the prospects. Collecting Accurate Data is essential to design a successful SMS marketing campaign. We will quickly lose faith if we send out SMSs to those who have never heard of us. It is why collecting the prospect’s phone number in a well thought out process is essential.

Why hire an SMS marketing Company?

SMS Marketing in UAE can be incredibly useful, but it is much more than sending SMSs, from handling responses to personalized messages. SMEs are relying more and more on SMS marketing, as it is cost-effective. Whether it is an e-commerce business that updates customers on their order status, a hotel that confirms reservations, or even a clinic reminding customers of their vaccination – SMS marketing is quite simple and effective. In this sense, relying on a professional SMS marketing company would be ideal.

Event is the primary solution –

Organizing an event offers you the opportunity to collect prospect’s phone numbers, whether offline or online. If you provide something according to people’s demand, they will surely fill-up the form, and you get the window to contact them and make them your customers. The only thing you need is a good SMS marketing strategy. Sending SMS without any future aim is meaningless.

Therefore, choosing a professional SMS Marketing at affordable prices to help you design the strategy and achieving the goal should be easy. There are a few points to consider when looking for a reliable provider, such as reputation, client base, budget, facilities, understanding, market knowledge, etc.

Collect numbers from the social network –

Several social networks, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., but Facebook is the best platform in this scenario. People of all ages, professions, and segments register their profiles, making the network a rich Source Of Marketing Information. It is highly recommended to create an online campaign with the help of the SMS Marketing Company that drives interest to the potential leads, depending on your product/service.

A very effective means of marketing has been the use of sending SMS messages. This type of campaign has its main advantage of the high rate of openness since the message arrives directly on the person’s cell phone and is usually viewed quickly. Once the SMS Marketing Company collects the potential phone numbers, it designs the strategy according to the prospect’s background.

Opt-In Form Online –

Another spectacular method of collecting opt-in phone numbers is an online form. If you don’t have an opt-in form on your blog or website, readers will visit the site, read the contents, and leave. To create an online opt-in form to collect the phone numbers. It is the perfect opportunity for you and for the business to grow further. According to your readers, hire the best SMS Marketing Company in UAE at affordable prices and design an SMS marketing strategy. You can also take the help of a digital notice board, use contests, chat-bot conversations, newsletters, etc.

By Jenny Johns

Working in SMS & Telecommunication industry as a Technology Consultant.

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