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History of Android app and its benefits in today’s business

Just another start-up,” many would have called it. However, Andy Rubin and Steve Perlman believed in Android to be more than just a start-up. They were right. Android was to be global software that would power 87% of all smartphones around the world. Andy Rubin’s Android OS has currently made a push into many other high-tech wristwatches, cars, and televisions. There is no stopping for more success of Android for as far as its future market can be predicated.


google-android inc office

History of Android Inc.

Andy Rubin, a former software engineer at Apple for 3 years (1989-1992), created his Android Inc. with three others – Nick Sears, Chris White, and Rich Miner in early 2004. The company was named after its founder Andy Rubin. According to Adrianne Jeffries, it was after the nickname ‘Android’ that Andy’s co-workers gave him because of his love for robots.


andy rubin founder of android


Android, like many other established companies, faced its share of financial crisis in the beginning. The company was rescued by Steve Perlman who says, “I did it because I believed in the thing, and I wanted to help Andy.” However, the already established businesses like Vodaphone and TalkTalk refused to give their control on the industry. Consequently, the plan shifted to delivering the software for free to manufacturing companies like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG, etc. and further the money will be earned through value-added-services.

However, in 2005, Larry Page, the co-founder of Google (other founder being Sergey Brin) saw potential in the model of the software. He knew that smartphones would be a promising product into the digital industry. Henceforth, Android Inc. became the 19th official acquisition of Google on 17 August 2005 for a net amount of $50 million. However, Android.com remained Andy’s personal website until 2008.


larry page and sergey brin founder of google


Announced on 28 August 2005 by Google, the operating system was made available for users on 22 October, which slowly made progress.

13 February 2009 –Support paid application was introduced for users in UK and US

30 September 2010 – The support was extended to 29 more countries

December 2010 – Added content filtering

6 December 2010Google eBook store was launched in US with a collection of 3 million books

2011 – EBook store was made available to rest of the world

February 2011 – Access to Android Market via PC was made possible

March 2011 – In-app billing was introduced

May 2011 – “Top Grossing,” “Top Developers,” “Editor’s Recommendations” and “Trending” were added

July 2011 – A redesigned interface was launched that focused on featured content, movie rentals, search filters, and book sales.

November 2011Android music store was added

6 March 2012 – Android Market was re-branded as Google Play

2 May 2012 – Introduction of direct carrier billing for movies, books, and music.

24 May 2012 – Introduction of in-app subscriptions

12 July 2012 – Update 3.8.15 to reduce application piracy

July 2014 – All Access Music Service (Google Play Music) expansion to Ukraine and 5 other countries

4 April 2016 – New interface with new design in icons for all Google Play services for a consistent look.

google play store

Benefits of Android applications

Android accounts for 87.6% of the global market and still remains to grow with increasing shipments of Samsung, Vivo, Huawei, and OPPO.

With two other popular OS – Mac and Windows , Android is in constant competition. However, there are certain benefits for the users, businesspersons, as well as android application developers when they opt for android OS, which has helped in extending its success in current highly competitive market.

Major benefit for businesspersons rests in the various methods of monetizing the application, such as,

  • In-app purchases
  • Paid apps
  • Subscription based apps
  • Ads within apps
  • A combination of free apps with ads and paid apps without ads
  • Goods, products, and services provided by apps
  • Branding activity and brand awareness through apps
  • Wider audience, high ROI


Advantages for android application  rest in various comforts provided by Play Store, such as,

  • Low barriers to entry
  • Android provides SDK (software development kit)
  • Android SDK is open source, flexible and free platform
  • Easy inter-application integration
  • Easy adoption
  • Graphics support
  • Multi-media support
  • Various distribution mechanisms


Advantages for android user are as such,

  • Numerous free apps
  • Comparatively cheaper paid apps
  • Low maintenance and easy excess

Consequently, the competition and success of Android platform has excessively elevated. Therefore, it is essential to understand android as it is presently, and a successful approach of seeking out to develop an app.  [ To be Continue…. ]



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