The anchor text is basically a visible and the clickable text in hyperlink that is used to link from one web page to the another web page.


what is anchor text

So here in this sentence, SEO Strategy is an anchor text that is providing a link from one web page to another by clicking on the anchor text. And also we want to make sure that we are choosing an effective anchor text to the incoming and the outgoing links to our website, it is important for the website visitors.

The different types of anchor text:

types of anchor text

The anchor text is many types it is given below:

Exact Match  — One of the Anchor text type  is the “exact match” .The role of “exact match” is like that: if it consist a keyword that mirrors the web page that is being linked to. In this anchor text we find the exact keyword that we are searching for the article. In other word we can say that, exact match anchor text  are exactly that they sound like, exact match  key phrase for which we are trying to rank our page.

So if we want  to rank for the “anchor text” then we need to copy and paste the exact phrase for the anchor .

Partial Match/Phrase Match – It is an Anchor text  that consist a variation of keyword on to the linked-to-page..

This  anchor text includes the keyword phrase that we are searching for :

Branded — In this anchor text when we are using the brand name then it is known as branded anchor text. So for example, would use the brand anchor “govtjobs.

Naked URLs —The text that appear in a browser is called  ‘naked’ (URL) anchor text  As the name suggests, The naked URL is an anchor text that doesn’t actually contain any anchor text.

( is a naked URLs.



  • Home Page URL:

Homepage URL anchors are similar like “” anchor text  with anchors use the full URL of our homepage.

So for example, the is the anchor would turn into

  • Just natural anchor text

A “just natural” anchor text means that an anchor text doesn’t contain any of our key phrases.

These are the typically very simple anchors that are clearly explain where we  are redirecting viewers.

Following are the examples of just natural anchors:-

“At this blog”                                                                                                                                                                                     “Our website”

  • Keyword Plus word anchor text:

Keyword plus word anchors text uses the exact keywords we are trying to rank with the additional phrases.

So if we are trying to rank for the “Cable Testing” a good “Plus Keyword” anchor text would be “Our Cable Testing Services”

These are a highly used and versatile type of an anchor text since they may easily be molded to fit any naturally into the body of our articles,

Generic — It is an unspecific, generic phrase that do not include the article target keyword (for example. ‘click here’, ‘this article’, ‘this site’ ).

LSI Keywords — This kind of anchor text is like synonyms for, that is closely related to our article target keywords.

LSI Keywords

In other ways several kind of anchor text include:

  • Author— In this the author name would be the anchor text.
  • Title Tag— In this your page title would be the  anchor text . Often these will be also a partial match. The first kind of the anchor text is called a title tag.

A title tag ( blog post) title means that an anchor is whatever a page title is. Like If a  link leads to the about page ,sales page, or something similar, then you can just take the meta title or main heading H1 tag and can make the anchor.

Like for example If we want to link to a blog post on our website, then the anchor would very simple be the title of the blog post.

Image links— In an image, Google reads the “alt” tag as an anchor text. Leaving this blank will result in a “noText” anchor.


<a href=””><imgsrc=””on page seo techniques” /> </a>

[highlight color=”green”]must read:-[/highlight]

What is an ideal anchor text distribution?

anchor text distribution

  1. Exact Match Anchors: Less Than 1%
  2. Long tail anchor text: 2-4%
  3. Genric anchor text: 1-5%
  4. Partial match anchor text: 5%
  5. Brand + keyword anchor: 5%
  6. Unique/Other anchor text: 25%
  7. Naked link anchor: 15%
  8. Branded Anchor text: 40%

How Anchor Text Boost the Search Engine Rankings?

  • By an anchor text the search engine rank got influences like if we are taking the (for example of one of the best search engine i.e., Google) Search engine algorithm – The Anchor text is ranked highly in to the search engine algorithms, reason is that the linked text is basically relevant to the landing page.
  • Not only the anchor text is important to your website visitors , but it’s also helpful to your Search Engine ranking. It supports them to know the topic of what they are looking for..  This will greatly and highly increase the value of link and boost up the search engine rankings.
  • For example, if I want to link this article to a page with the anchor text “What is Anchor Text”, this would indicate to the search engine that we believe that the linked site is good for that query.
  • Again, to describe to make clear:
  • several sites that link with an anchor text containing the phrase “SEO Services” (exact or partial), the more certain Search engine will be understand that the linked page should fit rank for that particular query.
  • But as also, nothing in Search engineis ever simple.

Why it is more important to optimize the anchor text  and How?

Anchor text  is the text that we link to the page .It is very important to optimize the anchor text because the anchor text build the rank for a search engine . So at time when we are dictate the anchor text must be relevant to the page we are linking to rather than the generic text and also we need to be more clear that we must choose an effective anchor text for the incoming and the outgoing links to the website, because it is very helpful for the website visitors. Especially the color underlined anchor text is the more common  it is the web standard, although underlining and color may change  through the html code.

I hope this information was useful for you. Let me know if you have any questions on this topic. I will be happy to try and help. Thank you

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