One of the robust strategies used by several companies in the competitive market is SMS Marketing. In this digital era, many conclude that SMS was an old ally of marketing. SMS marketing, from a global perspective, has the fastest-growing potential with increasingly vast opening rates. The primary motto is to maintain a stable relationship between the customers and the brand. But what is SMS marketing? Is it effective?


What is SMS Marketing?

First of all, it is a customer-oriented marketing tool. In simple words: “sending promotional or informative content to the customers using text messages”. The process is also known as a digital campaign. The intention is to boost communication through a single channel with a higher possibility of reaching potential customers at a low cost. Companies must hire a professional SMS Marketing Company in UAE to successfully incorporate this tool.


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The working mechanism of SMS Marketing

Shortcodes, letters, and flash SMS: these are the three methods of applying SMS marketing. Shortcodes are limited to 160 characters, and it is quite popular. Whereas, flash SMS appears as a pop-up. On the other hand, the letter SMS is limited to up to 1024 characters. It is mostly used to describe corporate events to customers. They are all associated with a sender or shared between several senders.

For Best SMS Marketing , professionals rely on these two types: –

  • CampaignsBulk text messages are widely used for a successful brand campaign. Based on the “one to many” platform, these messages maintain promotional communication.
  • SoloTransactional text message is also known as “one-to-one” SMS marketing. If the company needs to deal with relevant content to a single person.

Key Advantages of Bulk SMS for your Business?

If any Company wants to reach massive audiences in a short period, relying on bulk SMS system is vital. And the importance is undeniable. The company can opt for a significant automation system or hire the best bulk SMS service provider in Dubai, UAE. The first option is costlier than the second option. If you want to boost your business, bulk SMS has no alternatives. Bulk SMS Services is a great marketing tool that has transformed the business model of any business. 

Bulk SMS Stats

The vital importance of bulk SMS –

The bulk SMS process has three types of messages – short code, flash, and letter. Each has different functionality and a specific focus. Companies that work with credit recovery, market research, and customer relations use communication tools to achieve their strategic objectives. Regardless of your goal, bulk SMS is a positive, effective, and low-cost way to communicate with customers. 

Greater accessibility with Bulk SMS –

Who doesn’t have a smartphone? Unfortunately, many of us use cell phones, which are not smartphones. The world is growing together with the speed of the internet, social networks, and messaging applications. Therefore, it is necessary to think of ways to reach audiences of every level. Thus, Bulk SMS Dubai is a great alternative to ensure that your company keeps in touch with all audiences.

Cost reduction –

Fortunately, Bulk SMS Service has a low cost. So, it becomes an excellent means of communication with customers. With a few clicks, the company can reach thousands of people, investing a low value per message. When compared to other media, the cost-benefit is even more evident. Bulk SMS sending ensures that the message is received at a lower cost.

Collection efficiency and agility –

The use of bulk SMS as a collection tool is a flexible and efficient alternative. The company sends a statement about the financial pending so that the client becomes aware and can seek a solution. The customer can reply to the message to receive payment details or clarify doubts about negotiating the pending issue. With two way SMS technology from Bulk SMS UAE service provider, you get instant communication.

Best customer impression –

Telephone contact is also a valuable tool, but some customers offer considerable resistance in these cases. Whereas, in other modes of communication, the company will remain unanswered. When sending the bulk SMS, the contacts will receive the information you want to pass on. All you need is to choose the best Bulk SMS Company in UAE and let your business operation moves flawlessly.

Practicality and guaranteed delivery –

With bulk SMS service, there are no obstacles to delivery, such as the inability to answer a phone call or the lack of an internet connection to open an email and access other online channels. Text messages on cell phones have an excellent opening rate.

SMS-Marketing-Stats 2020

With all these advantages, the company can optimize its time and increase productivity, bringing better results at a lower cost. Hiring a Bulk SMS Provider in UAE ensures that your company can achieve better results in several sectors.

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How effective is SMS marketing in 2020?

SMS marketing indeed offers you potential benefits. It only happens when customers want to get notifications from your company. What is the meaning of sending SMS to those who do not want to get your notifications? Check if your contacts have chosen to receive your SMS Marketing messages. You need to create your SMS Marketing Campaign according to the information you have about your customers. So, the first step is to research your market and study your audience.

Test and measure the receptivity of your customers and leads. See if your competitors in the market use this strategy. For you to stay ahead of the competition, SMS marketing has no other alternatives. Only the best SMS Marketing Company in UAE can help you you achieving the goal.

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Conclusion: The primary aspect is to have a detailed plan

After checking that SMS strategy is a viable process for your company and generating results, it is time to gather the primary data to implement this platform: cell phone numbers. Getting customers’ phone numbers is not as simple as it sounds. It is essential to set up a whole strategy. May be due to this reason, you need to hire a Professional SMS Marketing Company in Dubai, UAE.

We hope that your idea on this topic: “what is SMS marketing” is fulfilled. Feel free to consult with a professional.

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Working in SMS & Telecommunication industry as a Technology Consultant.

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